Fraud Examination

Deceit Revealed

We forge the trail to the truth. When cash is misdirected, financial facts distorted or dollars stolen, we discover those who misrepresent the facts, detail what has occured, and measure damages, if appropriate. For over two decades, we've helped resolve hundreds of cases and helped our clients recover millions.


Activity Unearthed

We assess, evaluate, document and quantify. Our broad experience across a wide range of industries gives our clients distinct advantages and exposes what has transpired so that our clients, attorneys and authorities can take the next steps.


Representative Cases:

Kickback Schemes/Fraud Ring

We provided several insurance representatives, investigators and attorneys with the information they needed to uncover a kickback scheme and other fraudulent misrepresentations involving staged auto accidents and misrepresented medical treatments.


Misappropriation of Trust Assets

In the midst of a bitter dispute over the operation and distribution of estate assets, we provided legal counsel with the information they needed to pursue claims against those accused of wrongdoing.