Litigation Support

Captive Audience

Our courtroom and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) focus and experience make us unique, but what our clients tell us they really appreciate is our ability to listen and respond accordingly.

Solid Support

Success in the courtroom hinges on being prepared.

Our involvement frees attorneys to focus on key issues of liability with the confidence that the damage measurement, financial motive, fraud investigation, critical financial findings and testimony are all in order.


Dependable Process

Veritas Forensic Accounting & Economics brings experience to each critical step:

  • Discovery: knowing what to ask and what to ask for
  • Analysis: executed effectively
  • Assessment: damages specified, findings detailed and distilled
  • Disclosure: clear findings, clearly communicated
  • Expert testimony: understandable, thorough and truthful
  • Not just one side: our engagements are split equally among plaintiffs and defendants


Representative Cases:

Examination of the Estate of Jimi Hendrix

We were retained to ascertain where all the money — millions each year — of entertainment icon Jimi Hendrix had gone. We examined a large population of transactions and activities for several years to flesh out to whom the cash had gone and to what purpose the cash had been given. We then testified before judge and jury.


More than $200 Million in Damages

We were retained to test and measure the damages associated with the clean-up of polluted sites in Washington and Idaho. How much had been spent and for what purpose? Were contractor profits reasonable? We examined the general ledgers of a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit entities to determine the reasonable economic damages consistent with counsel's case theory. We then testified in deposition, arbitration and trial.


World Trade Center Terrorism Attack

We were retained to measure damages in uncharted territory. How much economic damage was sustained as a direct result of this once-in-a-lifetime event? How much was lost due to pre-event market trends? What would a reasonable economist conclude? We helped businesses and attorneys chart these waters successfully, measuring and testifying to our findings.


Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy

What calamity and desperation! We were retained to ease the pain. So many wondered, "How can we reasonably measure and recover our losses?" We helped businesses and insurance companies generate fair and reasonable loss measures for damaged businesses so that all could get on with the business of recovering their lives.


Bellingham Pipeline Explosion

We worked with the City in defending claims made against it, with Georgia-Pacific on the temporary loss of operations and with Lloyd's of London in evaluating losses submitted by businesses affected by closures and recovery. In a tragic and complex situation, we gathered the facts, quantified and clarified.