Valuation Services

Maximum Benefit

Early engagement provides our clients the ultimate benefit.  We understand the factors that drive business strategies and value, and we position a company to receive the highest selling price.  In this fast changing economic climate, it is imperative to value early and often.  We understand the need to keep a close eye on those economic factors affecting business value and likely proceeds. It is never too early to value a business and waiting can cost.


Navigate Decisions

Current and prospective business owners, executives, attorneys and other professionals rely on our business valuation expertise when it comes to some of life's most important business arrangements. Our clients range from individuals who simply want to know the value of their business to corporations whose income stream has been impacted by any number of economic events.


Extensive Expertise

We calculate and analyze income streams and determine their reasonable current and future value. We project earnings, assess business risk, review all the pertinent economic factors, assemble and present our findings and testify when necessary.  We have helped more than 1,000 businesses spanning 20 years.


Suspected Impropriety

Where complex disputes and allegations or suspicions of impropriety arise, we evaluate and offer our clients the ability to look deeper.


Worth Depends

Understanding the purpose of a valuation is imperative in determining the appropriate value. There are many purposes for a valuation all of which will result in a different value. Examples include: Strategic Values, Fair Market Values (FMVs), and Calculated Value. Our professionals understand these differences and tailor a valuation that meets our clients' specified needs.


Misleading Appearances

Not all businesses that lose money are without value, and not all businesses that make money are valuable. Understanding the complexities in arriving at a company’s hidden value is beneficial for both buy- and sell-side investors. Our professionals understand these intricacies and dig deep to reveal a business’s latent value.


Types of Valuation Services:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Closely held businesses
  • Commercial & partner disputes
  • Divorces
  • Estate planning & taxation
  • Expert testimony & litigation support
  • Minority shareholders
  • Partnerships
  • Phantom stock incentives
  • Stock option incentives


Representative cases:

Fair Market Value

We were retained to provide a fair market valuation of a long-time northwest favorite, legacy business for purposes of planning and possible sale. We examined macro and micro economic trends, historical and projected operating results, and risks associated with the business and delivered a product tailored to the specific needs of our client.


Strategic Value

We were retained by the Baldwin Resource Group (BRG) to provide a strategic market valuation of the business for purposes of business planning. We examined economic trends, business strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, historical operating results, projected cash flows and associated risks in assembling our findings for the specific needs of BRG.


Buy-Side Investment

We were retained by a motivated buyer with a desire to invest in an up-and-coming industry. We examined historical financials, financial strengths and weaknesses, long-term business growth projections and associated business risks in delivering valuable advice to the investor.


Selling a Minority Interest

We were retained by an individual for the purpose of selling a minority interest in the shares of an extraordinarily high-growth consulting practice. We examined historical financials, financial trends and growth rates, projected cash flows, business risks and comparable business sales. With the value discovered, we came alongside and counseled the seller.